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Finance and Funding

Expert Guidance

Finance Options

A business will often need finance to fund investment and to grow.  Examples include the recruitment of additional staff and purchase of new equipment.  If there are insufficient funds available internally, then it may be appropriate to bridge the gap via an external source.

There are many different types of finance, e.g. overdraft, fixed-term loan, HP, etc.  Which are available to my business?  Of these, which is most suitable?  How do I secure it?  And how do I know that I am not being over-charged?  Small business owners will want to know the answers to these questions.

Funding & Grants

As well as borrowing, government funding or a grant could be an option, depending on the intended use.  Again, smaller businesses may not be aware of their availability and/or qualification criteria.


Whilst banks are a traditional source of finance for many businesses, there are numerous other finance providers.  Many of these specialise in certain types of finance, depending on its use and for how long it is needed.

How We Can Help

Using our extensive network of contacts, we can discuss your finance requirements and recommend the most appropriate type(s) of borrowing and/or funding.  We can also assist in the application process, by preparing any relevant forecasts requested by the funder.

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